About Us

With his invention of silicate coating systems in 1878, Adolf Wilhelm Keim founded our company which today is known worldwide as the leading specialist in mineral architectural protection systems providing sustainable solutions. We are specialists among generalists: in our specific field of "mineral silicate architectural protection systems", we supply highly developed comprehensive solutions for exterior and interior surfaces.

History of Silicate Mineral Paints

KEIM silicate mineral coatings are a Bavarian invention with their roots deep in the region’s heritage. They are synonymous with the technical refinement and high quality... read more

Mission Statement

Combining visionary thinking with consistent delivery... We want to maintain customer satisfaction with excellent service... We are committed to the principle of sustainability... read more

KEIM Philosophy

Sustainability is the guiding principle underlying all our business activities and is the reason why we are convinced of the superiority of mineral building products. Our aim is to maintain... read more