All Natural Ingredients and Mineral Pigments

U.V. stable, colors won’t fade

Benefits at a glance...

  • Colors won’t fade, and are naturally U.V. resistant
  • Mineral matte finish provides natural appearance with no glare or angular sheen
  • Wide range of colors, even deep and very vibrant shades
  • No negative impact on health or the environment
  • Sustainable from manufacturing, application, lifespan and disposal

KEIM Silicate paints are highly colorfast , no matter how harsh the environment. Pigments are used to make paint cover or hide the surface and to add color and beauty. Engineered with only naturally occurring, mineral pigments that do not fade with exposure to UV radiation, these silicate finishes remain color constant for decades.

Only natural raw materials, a combination of liquid potassium silicate, naturally occurring mineral extenders and inorganic color pigments ensure maximum weather resistance and durability. KEIM’s potassium silicate binders are naturally U.V. resistant, and the inorganic pigments are completely light-fast. Facades will not fade prematurely or at different rates, eliminating the potential for “shutter effect” on buildings.

KEIM silicate finishes are based entirely upon mineral raw materials and are environmentally compatible in manufacture and in performance. Their extreme durability helps to preserve resources and financial investment, while their contaminant-free make-up preserves health and the environment. Silicate finishes have gained much popularity in the segment of sustainable construction practices.

Beautiful and colorful facades and interiors are guaranteed with Keim mineral colors, and these finishes won’t fade, no matter how sever the exposure.


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