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Concretal Mortel-R

Concretal Mortel-R
KEIM Concretal Mortar R. Technical coarse repair mortar for static and dynamically stressed concrete. Low shrinkage and crack-free hardening even if exposed to dynamic stress during application and setting time. Excellent resistance to carbonation, weather, environmental, and chemical influences. May be used on surfaces fit for traffic. Trowel or wet spray. No VOC
Application Concrete Repair
Consumption approx.1.80 kg/m²mm
dry bagged mortar
Packaging bags
Sizes 25 kg
Usage Concrete substitute for concrete repair in civil
engineering and bridge building to ZTV-ING
and in building construction according to DAfStb
guidelines for restoring concrete components in
zones exposed to dynamic loads and of static
relevance. KEIM Concretal-Mörtel-R can be
applied in layer thicknesses of 5 mm to 50 mm in
multiple layers as required. (To ZTV-ING,
minimum layer thickness 1
Concretal Brochure  (Brochure, PDF, 1489 KB)
Concretal Mortar-R TDS  (Technical Data Sheet, PDF, 65 KB)
Concretal Pigmented Mineral Stain  (Brochure, PDF, 843 KB)
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