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Concretal MKH-5kg

Concretal MKH-5kg
KEIM Concretal MKH. Corrosion protection for steel and bonding bridge. One-component mineral coating material for protecting cement-bound steel reinforcement against corrosion. Protects steel in concrete repair work, as a steel primer/bonding bridge for new engineered concrete and bridge construction, and a high bonding strength bridge for hand-finished rough mortar. No VOC.
Application Concrete Repair
Consumption approx. 1 kg / sq. m or 0.093 kg / sq.ft.
Packaging Bags
Sizes 5kg, and 20kg
Usage Corrosion protection for steel in concrete
Concretal Brochure  (Brochure, PDF, 1489 KB)
Concretal MKH -TDS  (Technical Data Sheet, PDF, 67 KB)
Concretal Pigmented Mineral Stain  (Brochure, PDF, 843 KB)
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Reference Projects

Fair Park
Fair Park (Dallas, TX)