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Restauro Pigmented Mineral Stain (Restauro-Lasur)

Restauro Pigmented Mineral Stain (Restauro-Lasur)
KEIM Restauro-Lasur is a silicate-based, ready-to-use thin layer coating especially for low pigmented coatings on masonry. KEIM Restauro-Lasur has water repellent properties and fulfills the requirements of DIN 18363, 2.4.1.
Application Brick Staining, Historic Restoration & Preservation, Masonry Restoration, Repair, & Protection, Natural Stone Restoration, Repair, & Protection, Painting/Coating Exterior
Consumption 375 - 625 sq.ft./Gal. / 1 coat ready to apply product

Qty. of Stain and Dilution depend on dilution ratio

Actual consumption depend on the substrate and individual project conditions as well as application methods
Packaging Red pail with white lid
Sizes 1 Quart

1 Gallon

2 Gallon

4 Gallon
Usage In conjunction with KEIM Restauro-Dilution, KEIM
Restauro-Lasur is particularly suitable for providing a
low-pigment, color-matched finish on sandstone
surfaces, e.g. to match the color of repairs to the
original stone substrate.
KEIM Restauro-Lasur and KEIM Restauro-Fixativ are
miscible with one another in any ratio, depending on
the desired final effect. For low absorbant substrates
Restauro Brochure  (Brochure, PDF, 465 KB)
Restauro Lasur-TDS  (Technical Data Sheet, PDF, 68 KB)
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