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Universalputz Fine Historic Mix Plaster/Stucco

Universalputz Fine Historic Mix Plaster/Stucco

Universalputz is an interior/exterior cementitous renovation and thin wall plaster/stucco/render made of hydraulic lime, white Portland cement and quartz sand (0-0.6mm grains) with mineral fibers and other mineral  fillers. It accommodates thermal expansion cycles preventing surface crazing and cracking and can be installed without use of control or expansion joints.  It's strength and movement characteristics are similar to most historic load-bearing masonry construction, making it an ideal historic stucco restoration solution.  The surface may be finished from sandy to smooth and finished with KEIM Mineral Silicate paints, stains and finishes for a complete system. No VOC's.

Application Artist Paints, Crack Filling, Historic Restoration & Preservation, Lime Plastering/Rendering, Masonry Restoration, Repair, & Protection, Plastering, Stucco, Surface Equalization, Thin layer Render
Consumption approx. 1.20 kg for 1mm layer thickness /m2 0.112 kg for 1mm thickness / sq.ft.
Packaging plastic lined paper bags
Sizes 20kg
Usage Rendering of new substrates or repair of old or historic structures.
UniversalPutz Brochure  (Brochure, PDF, 1314 KB)
UniversalPutz-Fine- TDS  (Technical Data Sheet, PDF, 82 KB)
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Reference Projects

Schloss in Mannheim
Schloss in Mannheim (Mannheim, DE)
Canton Ohio Parking Garage
Canton Ohio Parking Garage (Canton, OH)
Trompe l'oeil and architectural frieze application.
Heart of Marion
Heart of Marion (Marion, OH)
Trompe l'oeil with architectural frieze elements in KEIM Royalan.
Edgewater Beach Apts
Edgewater Beach Apts (Chicago, IL)
Edgewater Beach Apartments, 5349 Sheridan Road in Chicago, Illinois
Berkshire School - Berkshire Hall
Berkshire School - Berkshire Hall (Sheffield, MA)
KEIM UniversalPutz Render System with KEIM Silan 100 silica gel water repellency protected with KEIM Granital silicate paint.
Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace
Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace (Savannah, GA)
The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, also known as the Wayne-Gordon House, is owned by the Girl Scouts of the USA, and is one of the most popular historic destinations in Savannah.
New York Studio School
New York Studio School (New York, NY)
Chisholm Trail Mural - Sundance Square
Chisholm Trail Mural - Sundance Square (Fort Worth, TX)
Downtown's most iconic public art, the Chisholm Trail Mural pays tribute to Fort Worth's rich cultural roots
230 W. Broughton Street, Savannah, GA
230 W. Broughton Street, Savannah, GA (Savannah, GA)
New in-fill construction on historic Broughton Street in Savannah.
Universalputz Application
Universalputz Application (Chicago, IL)
Wilshire Boulevard Temple
Wilshire Boulevard Temple (Los Angeles, CA)
The first synagogue in Los Angeles, the new Temple was dedicated in 1929.  Built in the Byzantine architectural style, it was built of concrete with a painted stucco exterior.   In 1973, the Wilshire Boulevard Temple was dedicated LA Historic-Cultural Monument No. 116.   The Wilshire Temple began extensive renovations of the historic facility in 2008, and the remodeled sanctuary reopened in 2013.
The Archbishop's House
The Archbishop's House (Port of Spain, TT)
Restoration of the exterior facade of the official residence of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Port of Spain.
Chanel Boutique Store
Chanel Boutique Store (Los Angeles, CA)
Exterior stucco facade resurface and mineral silicate coating project.
Residence, Palo Alto, CA
Residence, Palo Alto, CA (Palo Alto, CA)
Contemporary residential design incorporates Universalputz Standard Stucco System for seamless, smooth architectural exteriors.  
Mission National Bank
Mission National Bank (San Francisco, CA)
Precast concrete cladding and decorative element repairs and silicate coating system.
In The Beginning God Created
In The Beginning God Created (Orlando, FL)
An indoor mural designed and executed by Eric Grohe for the Florida Hospital entrance lobby to the new Ginsburg Tower.  
Dedication (Columbus, OH)
Corporate mural designed to showcase the client's mission statement:  "Honoring Every Living Soul with Loving Service".  Artist:  Eric Grohe
Grand Central Air Terminal
Grand Central Air Terminal (Glendale, CA)
Renovation of a 1922 Spanish Colonial Revival and Art Deco styled commercial airport of stucco, concrete, and precast concrete.
Iconographic Image - Detail
Iconographic Image - Detail (Dallas, TX)
Decor powder onto wet plaster iconographic image.
Iconography (Dallas, TX)
Purkristalat iconographic image.
Holy Ascension Orthodox Church
Holy Ascension Orthodox Church (Mount Pleasant, SC)
New stucco construction required a vibrant, but natural and old-world appearance to add authenticity to its appearance. A desire for historic interior finishes was also met by use of KEIM plaster with a hint of color added for a true, ancient appearance.  
Oceanside Resort Chalkboard Mural
Oceanside Resort Chalkboard Mural (Key West, FL)
A chalkboard mural over lime cement render applied to cement board for exterior exposure.
University of Philadelphia International House
University of Philadelphia International House (Philadelphia, PA)
Built in 1970, cast concrete structure with 15 floors. 
Church of Scientology - ASHO + LA-ORG Building
Church of Scientology - ASHO + LA-ORG Building (Los Angeles, CA)
Cracked stucco repairs and re-coating over existing acrylic and mineral paint.