PSS 20 anti-graffiti coating

PSS 20 anti-graffiti coating
 PSS 20 is a 100% reversible anti-graffiti, anti-soiling protective coating. PSS 20 protects the value and integrity of buildings, bridges, public art and monuments, by keeping graffiti, pollution and soiling off the underlying surface.

PSS 20 is recommended for both interior and exterior vertical substrates. It is especially suitable for natural and artificial stone,, concrete, brick, terra cotta and other masonry because it fully protects the natural surface and is highly vapor permeable. PSS 20 can be used on any surface without harming it; this includes aluminum and metallic surfaces as well.

PSS 20 is completely natural & eco-friendly, made from plant matter (polysaccharides), providing matte finish with absolutely no VOC’s a 100% sustainable product.

PSS 20 allows soiled surfaces to be easily cleaned simply wash with hot water.

Application Anti-Graffiti & Surface Protection
Consumption 0.30-0.55l/sq.m or 0.028-0.051 l/sq. ft. 2-3 coats depending on substrate.
Packaging Plastic Jerrican
Sizes 25 Liters
Usage Recommended for both interior and exterior vertical substrates. Suitable for natural and artificial stone, clinker, concrete, brick, metallic and aluminum surfaces. Can be used on any surface without harming it.
PSS-20 Brochure  (Brochure, PDF, 303 KB)
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