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Lime Remover (Atzflussigkeit)

Lime Remover (Atzflussigkeit)

KEIM Ätzflüssigkeit (lime remover) is a pre-treatment and cleaning agent based on silicic acid, which, when applied, reacts to form harmless compounds.

Application Cleaning
Consumption Smooth exterior surfaces, one coat: approx. 0.07 l/m2;
smooth interior surfaces, one coat: approx. 0.05 l/m2.
The stated consumption values are for guidance and
depend on the type of application and the substrate.
Exact consumption values can only be determined by
painting trial areas on the structure to be coated.
Packaging Plastic Jerrican
Sizes 20 liters / 5 liters
Usage Removal of sinter layers on new renders and cleaning
of existing renders. Not for use on renders containing
Lime Remover-TDS  (Technical Data Sheet, PDF, 66 KB)
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Reference Projects

First Church of Salem
First Church of Salem (Salem, MA)
Preservation of the 1920's addition to the church and blend into a new addition
Berkshire School - Bellas Dixon Math & Science Center
Berkshire School - Bellas Dixon Math & Science Center (Sheffield, MA)
New Construction of super insulated 48,000 Square foot builiding
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Brooklyn, NY)
At Main Entry to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, at large 52 acre park
High Lawn Farm - Tower & Buildings
High Lawn Farm - Tower & Buildings (Lee, MA)
Restoration of buildings built around 1900 to the 1930's
MTA Smith and 9th Street
MTA Smith and 9th Street (Brooklyn, NY)
MTA project. The station is located in Brooklyn, NY and is listed as the highest elevated subway station in NY
Edith Wharton Mansion & Stables
Edith Wharton Mansion & Stables (Lenox, MA)
Renovations of entire facade to include removal and replace old stucco
Arlington House - Mansion Exterior
Arlington House - Mansion Exterior (Arlington, VA)
stucco exterior, old existing paint of various types, pebble dash foundation
Commonwealth Building Mural: Urban Ripples
Commonwealth Building Mural: Urban Ripples (Miami, FL)
Murals are an inexpensive, engaging process that adds to the energy of neighborhoods that are still developing their character.
West Point Lighthouse
West Point Lighthouse (Seattle, WA)
Lighthouse on Puget Sound at the shore in Discovery Park built in 1881.
George W. Fulton Mansion
George W. Fulton Mansion (Rockport, TX)
The Fulton Mansion was built over a three year period beginning in 1874. The bayside residence is a classical example of French Second Empire domestic architecture
Saint Matthews German Evangelical Lutheran Church
Saint Matthews German Evangelical Lutheran Church (Charleston, SC)
An historic masonry and stucco architectural icon in Charleston, SC, dedicated in 1872, was painstakingly restored from 2012--2015.
Landmark Inn
Landmark Inn (Castroville, TX)
A major historic preservation and renovation project was completed at Landmark Inn at the end of 2015.
Wilshire Boulevard Temple
Wilshire Boulevard Temple (Los Angeles, CA)
The first synagogue in Los Angeles, the new Temple was dedicated in 1929.  Built in the Byzantine architectural style, it was built of concrete with a painted stucco exterior.   In 1973, the Wilshire Boulevard Temple was dedicated LA Historic-Cultural Monument No. 116.   The Wilshire Temple began extensive renovations of the historic facility in 2008, and the remodeled sanctuary reopened in 2013.
The Archbishop's House
The Archbishop's House (Port of Spain, TT)
Restoration of the exterior facade of the official residence of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Port of Spain.
Chanel Boutique Store
Chanel Boutique Store (Los Angeles, CA)
Exterior stucco facade resurface and mineral silicate coating project.
55 Third Avenue, New York, NY
55 Third Avenue, New York, NY (New York, NY, NY)
Mixed use, 4000 square foot new construction, added to the side and rear of existing high-rise.  Modern design required continuous facades with no breaks for control/expansion joints and a smooth, durable finish.
Residence, Palo Alto, CA
Residence, Palo Alto, CA (Palo Alto, CA)
Contemporary residential design incorporates Universalputz Standard Stucco System for seamless, smooth architectural exteriors.  
Private Residence, Pinehurst, NC
Private Residence, Pinehurst, NC (Pinehurst, NC)
A rambling stucco and stone home where the natural appearance of Universalputz appealed to the owner and architect, and blends beautifully with natural limestone.  
Mission National Bank
Mission National Bank (San Francisco, CA)
Precast concrete cladding and decorative element repairs and silicate coating system.
Grand Central Air Terminal
Grand Central Air Terminal (Glendale, CA)
Renovation of a 1922 Spanish Colonial Revival and Art Deco styled commercial airport of stucco, concrete, and precast concrete.
Oceanside Resort Chalkboard Mural
Oceanside Resort Chalkboard Mural (Key West, FL)
A chalkboard mural over lime cement render applied to cement board for exterior exposure.
Sovereign Hotel Building Mural
Sovereign Hotel Building Mural (Portland, OR)
Repainting of a historic mural over Portland stucco and lime-cement render.
Church of Scientology - ASHO + LA-ORG Building
Church of Scientology - ASHO + LA-ORG Building (Los Angeles, CA)
Cracked stucco repairs and re-coating over existing acrylic and mineral paint.