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Bio Stripper (aromatic-free)

Bio Stripper (aromatic-free)


KEIM Bio Stripper (Dispersionsentferner) is an aromatic-free ready-to-use product. Apply a uniform saturation coat with a soft natural bristle brush (do not use synthetic brushes), lambswool roller or sprayer, spraying from bottom upwards.

The ideal exposure time should be determined on a trial area:

Typically emulsion coatings are dissolved within 3 up to 6 hours. A longer exposure time may be required for thicker systems (multilayer coatings, crack-bridging systems, synthetic resin renders); if possible cover with plastic and allow to work overnight.

Application Cleaning, Paint remover/stripper
Consumption Recommended to be tested on site

Approximately 0.037 - 0.084 kg/sq.ft.

1.3 gal container 59 - 135 sq.ft.

6.6 gal container 297 - 675 sq.ft.
Packaging Metal Pail
Sizes 6.6 gal (25kg) / 1.3 gal (5 kg)
Usage Removal of emulsion and latex coatings based on styrenated
and pure acrylate resins, acrylic resin paints,
crack-bridging systems and synthetic resin renders on
render, concrete or natural stone.
Bio Stripper- TDS  (Technical Data Sheet, PDF, 59 KB)
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