Soldalit ME

Soldalit ME

Soldalit All-Surface & Self Cleaning Mineral Silicate Finish is a technologically advanced all natural mineral silicate paint that utilizes photocatalytic titanium dioxide crystals.  When exposed to U.V. (sunlight), photo catalysis leads to a surface that “cleans” itself by chemically breaking down organic matter that comes into contact with the surface.  It reduces airborne pollutants and VOCs and the photocatalytic effect never wears out.  Anytime the surface is exposed to U.V. the effect is on-going.  Best of all, this finish has all the features and benefits of Soldalit so it adheres to previously acrylic painted and difficult to paint surfaces, is extremely vapor permeable, will never fade and utilizes a dual adhesion of both chemical and mechanical bonding.   It is ideal for the decoration and protection of both historic and modern mineral surfaces.


Exterior paint for historic or modern masonry surfaces where a vapor permeable, weather proof and U.V. resistant finish is required.
Application Historic Restoration & Preservation, Masonry Restoration, Repair, & Protection, Painting/Coating Exterior
Consumption 300 - 350 sq.ft./Gal. / 1 coat

Actual consumption depend on the substrate and individual project conditions as well as application methods
Packaging Red pail with white lid
Sizes 1 Gallon

4 Gallon
Usage For use on all bare and previously acrylic painted exterior masonry surfaces including all types of concrete, brick, CMU masonry, fiber cement board, stucco and mineral plaster, EIFS and acrylic stucco, portland stucco, terra cotta, ceramic tile and all types of natural stone. Ideal for "difficult-to-paint" surfaces.
Soldalit-ME TDS  (Technical Data Sheet, PDF, 79 KB)
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