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Ecosil ME Self-Sanitizing Interior Mineral Silicate Paint

Ecosil ME Self-Sanitizing Interior Mineral Silicate Paint
KEIM Ecosil ME. High-quality potassium silicate interior mineral paint, tinted with inorganic mineral pigments. Enhanced with TiO2 anatase photocatalytic crystals for a hygienic surface that lasts for the life of coating. Apply over mineral substrates and plasters. KEIM Ecosil-ME paint is highly scrub-resistant, reduces pollutants, organics, and odors. KEIM Ecosil-ME is recommended for heavily frequented areas such as public buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, nursing facilities, etc. This healthy paint is ideal for maintaining sanitary spaces. Safety – what more can you ask for? KEIM Ecosil-ME will not burn! Tested to ASTM standards, KEIM Ecosil-ME does not contribute to flame spread or smoke. KEIM Ecosil ME is highly vapor permeable so wall systems may breathe for healthier walls. Dilute with KEIM Spezial Dilution. Dries flat matte. Very low VOC (less than 1 g/l tinted).
Application Decorative Painting/Coating, Historic Restoration & Preservation, Painting/Coating Interior
Consumption 300-350 sq.ft./Gal. / 1 coat

Actual consumption depend on the substrate and individual project conditions as well as application methods
Packaging Red plastic bucket w/white lid
Sizes 1 Gal. Container

2 Gal. Container

4 Gal. Container
Usage KEIM Ecosil-ME is particularly suitable for interior walls and ceilings in heavily used areas such as public buildings, hospitals, schools, offices, hotels and restaurants.
Suitable substrates include all mineral renders, concrete, plasterboard, glass fibre fabric and sound existing coatings.
Ecosil ME Brochure  (Brochure, PDF, 1913 KB)
Ecosil ME-TDS  (Technical Data Sheet, PDF, 63 KB)
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