Granital Exterior Coarse Texture Base (Grob)

Granital Exterior Coarse Texture Base (Grob)
A silicate-based filled priming coat containing sand (0-0.5mm grains) and mineral fiber fillers used to fill hairline cracks and crazing, opaque white, may be tinted. Dilute with KEIM Spezial Dilution. Very low VOC (less than 1 g/l).
Application Painting/Coating Exterior
Consumption 250 - 300 sq.ft/Gal. / 1 coat

Actual consumption depend on the substrate and individual project conditions as well as application methods
Packaging Red plastic pail w/white lid
Sizes 1 Gallon

4 Gallon
Usage KEIM Granital-Grob is used as a priming coat or
priming and intermediate coat in the KEIM Granital
system. KEIM Granital-Grob is used on mineral
substrates having hairline cracks and/or differences in
This product may be used in conjunction with the other
components of the KEIM Granital system.
Granital-Brochure  (Brochure, PDF, 1839 KB)
Granital-Grob-TDS  (Technical Data Sheet, PDF, 74 KB)
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