Marien-Apotheke am Stadtplatz

Marien-Apotheke am Stadtplatz
Marien-Apotheke am Stadtplatz

About This Project

The building is listed and registered at the Bavarian State Department of Historical Monuments. It was painted in 1891 by master painter Josef Widman (born in Traunstein) and in 1979 renovated by the Traunstein master painter Hans Petersen who is still in business.

 The center of the facade painting is the Patrona Bavariae. In Bavaria, Maria, Mother of God is patron saint like the terms says Patrona Bavariae. Childlike figures (left and right) hold the symbols for medical science. Left -   the rod of asclepsius and right -  the bowl of Hygieía (Hygieá or Hygeá, daughter of Asclepsius). The figures don't have wings like angels because their attributes come from the pagan Ancient World. In their other hands they hold laurel wreaths to adore Virgin Mary. Over Virgin Mary you see the divine crown.


Type of Project Commercial
Customer Marien-Apotheke am Stadtplatz
Location Traunstein, Bavaria (Germany)
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News/Announcements in case you want to read more about the little town of Traunstein:

 Traunstein is a town in the south-eastern part of Bavaria, Germany, and is the administrative center of a district by the same name. It is situated at the heart of a region called Chiemgau, approximately 11 km east of Lake Chiemsee between Munich and Salzburg, 15 km north of the Alps, and 30 km west of Salzburg.