Silverton High School Gymnasium

Silverton High School Gymnasium
Silverton High School Gymnasium
Silverton High School Gymnasium
Silverton High School Gymnasium: Funding recognition for the Silverton School Rehabilitation project.
Silverton High School Gymnasium

About This Project

Complete renovation of the gymnasium.  Exterior Spanish Lace historic plaster was preserved and repaired as needed with similar material, repairs allowed to cure.  A base coat of Granital Grob diluted with 20 percent Spezial Dilution followed with an undiluted top coat of Granital completed the finish.  Granital Grob blended the stucco and plaster repairs for a homogenized appearance.

Challenges Portland and lime Spanish Lace stucco overlayed with up to 5 previous acrylic paint coats with a thin cementitious layer on top.
Solutions Repair the stucco, prep and paint.
Architect Anderson Hallas Architects, PC
715 14th Street
Golden, CO 80401
Contractor FCI Constructors, Inc.
186 Moose Lane
Durango, CO 81303
Applicator Durango Plastering & Drywall Inc.
434 Turner Dr
Durango, CO 81303
Type of Project Schools/Institutional
Customer San Juan County School District #1
Location Silverton, Colorado (United States)
Regional Info

Almost 5 months of the year experience extreme (10+) UV light radiation, temperature ranges from -4 degrees F to +71 degrees F, annual precipitation is 25.1 inches water from rain and 130 inches of snowfall.


The Silverton High School is located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, with numerous peaks above 14,000 feet in height.  It has the highest mean elevation of any county in the United States at 11,240 feet (3,426 m).