St Seraphim Cathedral

St Seraphim Cathedral: Dome
St Seraphim Cathedral: Site
St Seraphim Cathedral
Pictured above: Dome

About This Project

Challenges Existing paint faded and fiberglass dome had previously repaired cracks.
Solutions Pressure washed surfaces, re-caulked surface cracks, applied one coat KEIM Contact Plus and two coats KEIM Royalan.
Contractor United Multifamily Construction, Inc.
2840 W Southlake Blvd Suite 110
Southlake, Texas 76092
phone (817) 562-5650
Type of Project Places of Worship
Customer St Seraphim Cathedral
4112 Throckmorton Street
Dallas, Texas
Location Dallas, Texas (United States)
Regional Info

Dallas has a humid subtropical climate, though it is located in a region that also tends to receive warm, dry winds from the north and west in the summer, bringing temperatures to the 100 °F. The north central Texas region where Dallas is located is one of the hottest in the United States during the summer months.

Winters in Dallas are generally mild to warm, with a normal daily average temperature in January of 47.0 °F. Snowfall generally occurs 1–2 days out of the year for a seasonal average of 1.5 inches. A couple of times each winter in Dallas, warm and humid air from the south will override cold, dry air, resulting in freezing rain or ice.

Spring and autumn typically bring pleasant weather. Occasionally in the spring, cold fronts moving south from the North will collide with warm, humid air streaming in from the Gulf Coast, leading to severe thunderstorms with lightning, torrents of rain, hail, and occasionally, tornadoes. Over time, tornadoes have probably been the biggest natural threat to the city, as it is located near the heart of Tornado Alley.