513 King Street, Charleston, SC

513 King Street, Charleston, SC: 513 King Street, restored in 2014
513 King Street, Charleston, SC: Plaster ceilings and soffits finished with Keim Innotop Interior Silicate Finish
513 King Street, Charleston, SC: Northside stucco facade after restoration with Design Lasur
513 King Street, Charleston, SC
513 King Street, Charleston, SC: Stone surface treated with PSS 20 Anti-Graffiti Coating on busy King Street
513 King Street, Charleston, SC
513 King Street, Charleston, SC
Pictured above: 513 King Street, restored in 2014

About This Project

In the 1920s, the building housed Atlantic Bank, during which time much of the building’s grandeur was established, including the addition of cornices, pediments, high ceilings, crown moldings, glazed brick and coffered ceilings. During the recent restoration,  many of these original elements have been brought back to life.

Challenges North stucco facade was badly cracked and in need of repair. The city and owners wanted the original stucco facade to be preserved as much as possible, without losing the "layers of history" present, but needed to reduce moisture intrusion and establish improved aesthetics. Interior plaster surfaces over historic surfaces required vapor permeable finishes coupled with beautiful finish aesthetics.
Solutions Failed stucco was removed and replaced and existing stucco was patched to eliminate water intrusion. Since both new and historic stucco existed side-by-side a pretreatment of Design Lasur Dilution was used to minimize variations in surface porosity. Design Lasur, diluted 1:9 was applied in two coats to bring the various colors and textures of the facade into harmony, without covering the historic stucco. Design Lasur is also designed to provide similar aesthetics as "lime wash", but with the added durability of a potassium silicate binder. The back exterior stucco wall has become a focal point of a new addition and was also treated with Design Lasur to enhance it's character. On the King Street facade, lingering pedestrians were causing problems by crushing cigarette butts against the stone facade, which was treated with Keim PSS 20 Anti-Graffiti Coating, without changing the aesthetics of the stone. Interior plaster ceilings were also finished with Innotop Silicate finish for it's permeability and light refracting properties, lending an elegant "glow" to ceilings and soffits.
Architect Simmons Young and Jonathan Thompson, Thompson Young Design
Contractor Hightower Construction
Applicator Southern Exposure Painting
Type of Project Historic Restoration
Customer Hightower Construction
Location Charleston, South Carolina (United States)
Regional Info

 Coastal, sub-tropical