Clarke County Jail

Clarke County Jail: Athens Clarke County Jail Addition (at right)
Clarke County Jail: Clarke County Jail, Athens, GA (new addition right side)
Clarke County Jail
Pictured above: Athens Clarke County Jail Addition (at right)

About This Project

This project includes two separate additions to the original jail structure.  Concrete tilt-up construction was used, but aesthetically the additions needed to blend with the original concrete and brick construction.

Challenges First addition is constructed of integrated color concrete panels. After placement, it was noted that panel colors varied dramatically. A plan was developed using Keim Concretal Lasur, in a semitransparent color, to unify the various colors without hiding the aesthetic of the raw concrete. It was determined, through mock-up, that a dilution ratio of 1:1 Lasur to Dilution provided the most uniform color effect. Second, larger addition, was also finished with Concretal Lasur to blend all three building wings together. Interior latex paint was softening and peeling from repeated contact with lotion and hair products and had become a maintenance nuisance. Keim was asked to recommend an interior system that would not peel off the interior concrete walls.
Solutions EXTERIOR: Concretal Lasur Mineral Silicate Stain was utilized on both exterior additions to harmonize the various surfaces into a single color. The concrete surface texture was not compromised or hidden by use of this thin-bodied, stain-like finish. I
INTERIOR: Innotop Interior Silicate Finish was used on cast concrete and block walls in day rooms to eliminate potential future peeling, and in shower stalls with the addition of Keim Grundierweiss Block Filler and Keim Sealer. Ecosil ME Self Sanitizing Interior Finish was used in the new infirmary walls.
Architect Rosser International, Atlanta, GA
Contractor McKnight Construction
Applicator Lamar Davis Painting
Type of Project Commercial
Customer Athens Clarke County Unified Government
Location Athens, Georgia (United States)
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