West Point Lighthouse

West Point Lighthouse
West Point Lighthouse: Historic masonry surface before restoration of stucco.
West Point Lighthouse: Existing stucco before restoration
West Point Lighthouse
West Point Lighthouse: Parged corner
West Point Lighthouse
West Point Lighthouse
West Point Lighthouse
West Point Lighthouse

About This Project

Challenges The lighthouse sits at the edge of the water. The structures are subject to windblown rain, salt air and salt water. The exterior had many coats of thick paint that trapped moisture in the walls forcing the interior paint completely off the brick—the masonry was continuously saturated never drying out which worked to weaken mortar between the bricks. The Portland stucco was de-laminating in places, cracks had opened and water was corroding the reinforcement steel. Rising damp due to the high water table was a concern. The lighthouse was in a state of neglect as the federal government awarded ownership to the City of Seattle Parks and Recreation in 2004.
Solutions The lighthouse underwent a complete historic restoration following the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. After stripping and cleaning the brick, stucco, and concrete footing exterior façade, removing delaminated Portland stucco, opening stucco cracks, stabilizing look brick, KEIM Universalputz Standard Render was used to parge the walls into plane and then two layers approximately 4 mm thick were applied with the KEIM Glass Fiber Mesh embedded into the wet surface of the first layer. The Render was struck back from window frames to allow backer rod and KEIM Caulk. KEIM Silan 100 was applied followed with two coats of Soldalit ME for the white-painted areas and two coats of Soldalit for the green-painted areas.
Architect BOLA Architecture + Planning
159 Western Ave West Suite 486
Seattle, WA 98119
Contractor Cherry Street Builders
2128 Spruce St
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Applicator Long Painting Company
21414 68th Ave S
Kent, WA 98032
Type of Project Historic Restoration
Customer Seattle Parks and Recreation
Seattle, WA
Location Seattle, Washington (United States)
Regional Info

 Regional climate conditions  (Unique site conditions: pollution attack, intense UV exposure, weather exposure, salt air, rising damp/high water table, arid/dry air, mountains.  Intense heat/cold/humidity, freeze/thaw, rain, snow, wind, blowing sand or ice crystals.)