New York Studio School

New York Studio School
New York Studio School
New York Studio School: The New York Studio School before restoration.
New York Studio School
New York Studio School
Pictured above: The stucco facade was repaired with Universalputz Historic Mix Stucco and finished with Granital Exterior Mineral Silicate Finish to provide decades of beauty and protection.  

About This Project

The Studio School is a National Historic Landmark and within the Greenwich Village Historic District.  Built as residential dwellings in 1838, these four adjoining Greek revival row houses contained the studios of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney during the early part of the 20th century.  The buildings served as the original home of the Whitney Museum from 1931-54.

The Studio School purchased the buildings in 1964. The New York Landmarks Conservancy became involved with the School in 2009 when it received a $250,000 state matching grant for the exterior restoration. Work on the New York Studio School was completed at the end of 2014 by general contractor, Titan Restoration.

Challenges The original four buildings have been adjoined with a stucco facade over the original masonry without use of expansion or control joints. Joints where the buildings were joined were badly damaged and other areas of stucco were not adhered and falling off. Use of control or expansion joints was not allowed given the historic nature of the facade's stucco. There was also water intrusion and pollution staining on much of the facade.
Solutions Entire stucco facade was sounded to determine adhesion and delaminating and cracked areas were removed to sound masonry. Universalputz Historic Mix Stucco, combined with glass fiber mesh, was used to patch cracks and delaminated areas. The soft, historic mix has physical properties that are compatible with the existing stucco, and the use of mesh provides added flexural strength to help with future expansion cracks. A mineral silicate finish was then added to weatherproof and decorate the patched stucco finish.
Architect Jonathan Raible Architect, PLLC
370 Riverside Drive, #8b
New York New York 10025
Contractor Titan Restoration
Applicator Titan Restoration
Type of Project Historic Restoration
Customer New York Studio School
Location New York, New York (United States)
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