200 California Street

200 California Street: After the facade was cleaned, caulking between sandstone tiles removed, holes in the tiles repaired, two coats of KEIM Design Lasur in an opaque taupe and in a transparent white were applied.
200 California Street: Finished facade facing California Street. Clean lines and color modernize the 1980's red/white scheme.
200 California Street: Building Entry. Design Lasur's natural mineral finish augments natural stone surfaces.
200 California Street: Front Street looking towards California Street, integral color caulk was applied after the Design Lasur mineral silicate stain finishes were applied retaining clean lines.
200 California Street: Design Lasur stained stone surfaces are luminous in morning light. Surface textures were retained improving the building's appearance.
200 California Street: Original 1988 paint scheme prior to refinishing. The white sandstone tiles have pink overtones which complement the red sandstone tiles. With exception to environmental staining, stone was in excellent condition. Clock tower was removed in the renovation.
200 California Street: Before renovation. The environmental staining is apparent at top and over other vertical surfaces. White sandstone tiles are naturally variegated and this variegation was retained with the diluted Design Lasur mixed to a semi-transparent stain finish. The transparency was controlled to reduce the appearance of the red veins in the white sandstone.
200 California Street: Red sandstone tiles, before image. The red sandstone exhibited inappropriately visible hole repairs and wide spread of color. Some sandstone has natural rough faces and some were smoothly honed. Note the caulk was removed after washing the facade before the Design Lasur stain application.
200 California Street: Mock ups. Various transparent options were considered for the red sandstone surfaces. Note red veining in the white sandstone at right.
200 California Street: Mock ups were installed on the back side of the clock tower. The finish of the column and the white tile stack to its right were approved for the project. In side by side comparison, you can see the subtle difference in the white stained tiles to the original rosy white tile color that only KEIM can provide.
200 California Street: The application was by 6 inch mini-rollers that allowed the applicators to provide consistency between tiles. KEIM Design Lasur translucent stains can be applied by brush, roller, or airless spray.
200 California Street
Pictured above: After the facade was cleaned, caulking between sandstone tiles removed, holes in the tiles repaired, two coats of KEIM Design Lasur in an opaque taupe and in a transparent white were applied.

About This Project

Built in 1988, this owners wanted to update the exterior colors to more closely reflect the surrounding buildings on California Street. The original red sandstone tiles were re-stained to an opaque taupe. The pinkish white sandstone tiles were re-stained with a transparent white to mute the red veined overtones. Holes and patches in the sandstone tiles were repaired with a color matched stone repair mortar. The clock tower was removed.
Challenges Update the 1980's sandstone tile facade without developing a "painted" look, but rather retain the natural appearance of stone. Color must not fade or peel from surfaces over time. And there must be no evidence left behind that the facade was renovated.
Solutions KEIM Design Pigmented Mineral Stain (Design Lasur) was applied in the desired transparency for an opaque finish over the red sandstone and semi-transparent over the white sandstone. Surface textures were mimicked with the thin layer mineral stain and flat matte finish retained the look and feel of stone. By cleaning and then removing the old caulk, the inside tile edges were stained insuring the reinstallation of caulk would not reveal the old stone colors. With careful attention by the applicators there were no drips, not even on the sidewalk below, so the building appears as though it was never red and white.
Architect Huntsman Architectural Group
50 California Street, Floor 7
San Francisco, California
Contractor Novo Construction, Inc.
608 Folsom Street
San Francisco, California
Applicator EverGreene Architectural Arts, Inc.
450 W 31st St 7th Floor
New York, New York
Type of Project Commercial
Customer 200 California Street
Location San Francisco, California (United States)
Regional Info San Francisco has unique a Mediterranean climate producing a wide
variance of micro-climates throughout the area, generally characterized
by moist mild winters and dry summers.