Carter Hall, Covenant College

About This Project

Carter Hall is the signature building at Covenant College. It was originally named The Lookout Mountain Hotel and was built in 1928 by the Dinkler Hotel Corporation and run by Paul Carter, for whom the building is now named.  It was popularly known as the "Castle in the Clouds." However, since it was completed less than a year before the Great Depression, the hotel soon went bankrupt. It opened and closed several times prior to 1960, when it shut down for the last time.

Both the exterior and interior of Carter Hall are Austro-Bavarian Gothic revival in style. The building has had two towers in its history. The first tower was similar in design to the Cathedral of Our Lady in Munich. Poor maintenance before acquisition by the college required it to be rebuilt. The new tower, though considerably simpler in style, maintained the architectural style of the original tower.

Since its purchase by Covenant College in 1964, uit has served all the functions of the college housing the Chapel, the library, the classrooms, the professors' offices, and all of the dorm rooms, as well as the dining hall and administrative offices, which are still located there today.

The most recent restoration was undertaken to return the architectural design to its roots and to resolve a host of problems with the building's envelope.  Keim Soldalit All-Surface Exterior Sol-Silicate Finish was chosen to deliver a long term water repellent finish that will last for several decades without the need for repainting.  Soldalit also met the demand for a vapor permeable finish that will allow latent moisture vapor in the clay and stucco walls to migrate freely to the exterior, keeping the building envelope dry.  

Challenges EIFS cladding needed to be removed and multiple layers of bituminous water repellent sealers and many layers of paint needed to be removed.  Historic stucco was repaired with in-kind mortar but a breathable, long lasting paint finish was needed that would stand up to the rigors of the mountainous climate and deliver a long life cycle to reduce maintenance expenses over the next 20 years.  In addition, precast concrete elements were added to the newly renovated tower, but the precast color was off and did not match properly.  Precast elements were also painted with Keim for architectural integrity and aesthetics.
Solutions Soldalit All-Surface Exterior Sol Silicate Finish was the Keim finish of choice for its incredibly adhesion to a variety of surfaces as well as its track record for outstanding long-term performance.  This mineral finish is highly vapor permeable and allows the historic stucco and structural clay block construction to maintain an ideal moisture balance.  
Architect Lord Aeck Sargent, Atlanta
Contractor Brasfield and Gorrie
Applicator Southern Wall
Type of Project Historic Restoration
Customer Covenant College
Location Overlook Mountain, Georgia (United States)
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