No Fungus, Algae, or Mold

Surfaces stay cleaner longer and promote healthier environments

Benefits at a glance...

  • High pH and fast dry properties resists fungi, algae or mold growth
  • Inorganic, inert raw materials provide no food source for microorganism growth
  • Hygienic and clean surfaces
  • Silicate finishes can improve health of building environment by limiting micro organism growth
  • Micro-pore water repellency sheets water to naturally clean surface
  • Do not develop static charge to attract dirt/dust
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The pure inorganic, inert composition and high pH of KEIM silicate finishes resists fungi, algae or mold growth, thus assuring a hygienic and clean, beautiful finish.

Organic paints are prone to growth of these fungi and mold and contain poisons to inhibit their growth, which can leach out of dried paint over time. In the image at left, mold is shown growing on an organic surface.

KEIM’s mineral crystalline microporous surface, coupled with high vapor permeability, limits condensation and promotes a clean, healthy environment. This process also helps maintain a cleaner exterior finish as dust and pollutants are naturally washed from the surface during rain showers.

KEIM silicate finishes are also inert and will not develop a static charge on the exteriors of buildings when exposed to wind and weather. Static charges, present on latex and acrylic painted surfaces, can attract and trap dirt and dust.


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