Mission Statement

Combining visionary thinking with consistent delivery

  • With the invention of silicate coating systems in 1878, Adolf Wilhelm KEIM founded our company which today is known worldwide as the leading specialist in mineral architectural protection systems providing sustainable solutions.
  • Our clear specialization is the guarantee of our unique skills and competence in mineral architectural protection systems.
  • We are convinced of the added value provided by our mineral building products and consistently put this conviction into practice.
  • We see our long corporate tradition as a solid foundation to build the future on.
  • The character of our company has been shaped by the spirit of our founder, Adolf Wilhelm KEIM. His name is synonymous with vision, energy and innovative spirit.
  • A.W. KEIM’s innovative approach lives on in our constant endeavors to set new standards in mineral architectural protection systems by technological process.

We want to maintain customer satisfaction with excellent service

  • We aim to develop our market leadership in mineral silicate architectural protection systems by clearly concentrating on our core skills.
  • We want to maintain customer satisfaction with excellent service and make best use of our flexibility to respond quickly to customer needs.
  • We want to grow from our own efforts. Strong international commitment is an essential feature of our strategy for growth.
  • We want to remain an independent, medium-sized business with a family ethos.

We are committed to the principle of sustainability

  • We are specialists among generalists. In our specific field of “silicate mineral architectural protection systems”, we supply sophisticated, comprehensive solutions for exterior and interior surfaces. We actively provide comprehensive advice which is always focused on our customers’ needs.
  • Our range of products and services is guided by the principle of sustainability, to which we are ourselves committed.
  • In this respect, we pay particular attention to the cost-effectiveness, environmental compatibility and social responsibility of our products and services.

We will not compromise on quality

  • Quality is key to our success.
  • It is the basis of our customers’ trust in our products and services and thus in our company.
  • As a result, ensuring a high quality outcome over the long-term counts more with us than quick success.
  • Quality means something quite specific to us. We associate it with a long-term time horizon in terms of product service life, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.
  • Being market leader in quality terms is an essential part of our self-image.

We see environmental protection as an opportunity

  • Our aim is to provide integrated solutions which are in harmony with our environment.
  • Environmental aspects are integral to the development of our product portfolio.
  • For us, acting respectfully and responsibly towards our environment is an opportunity to strengthen our corporate success.
  • Focusing on environmental matters helps us develop processes which save raw materials, make efficient use of energy and so are also economically efficient. It also encourages the development of innovative, future-oriented and competitive product solutions.

We are committed to social responsibility

  • We are aware and convinced of our responsibility for the social impact of our actions.
  • Towards the outside world, we take our social responsibility to mean a commitment to building materials which are not harmful to health. We want to maintain and create value without restricting options for future generations.
  • Within our company, we view social responsibility as a commitment to considerate collaboration, respecting other cultures and nationalities.
  • We consider it our duty to protect our staff’s jobs and by working together, to create new jobs.

People are our top priority

  • Our staff is our most valuable resource.
  • Mutual support and appreciation are the hallmark of our day-to-day working relationships.
  • This is demonstrated by how we listen and keep staff informed, and a willingness to help.
  • We see being different as a welcome expression of human individuality.
  • The success of our company is our common success. Everyone contributes to this success and accepts his/her responsibility.

We see mistakes as an opportunity to learn

  • Managing means taking responsibility. Our managers lead by example, show team spirit and behave fairly.
  • They motivate by clearly stating tasks, competencies and responsibilities.
  • They have a duty of care, ensure equality of opportunity and encourage initiative.
  • We’re human, so mistakes will be made. We use mistakes as an opportunity to learn.
  • Practical, technical, and human skills are more important to us than titles and hierarchy.

Our customers are our partners

  • We see our customers as partners in our success.
  • Partnership is our mission.
  • We are committed to openness, honesty and fairness in communications and in collaboration.
  • Our customers deserve the best that we can offer.
  • It is up to each and every one of us to turn a customer into a partner who will be happy to recommend us on the basis of their positive experience.

We want success for ourselves and for our partners

  • We need economic success for our company, for job security, for growth and investment.
  • However, we also need our customers and partners to be economically successful.
  • We can’t have one without the other.
  • We work efficiently and purposefully, seize opportunities, think long term, and act with foresight.
  • The added value of our services contributes to the economic success of our customers and partners.

We communicate openly and clearly

  • Only if we are clear will we be understood.
  • We nurture dialogue among ourselves and with outsiders, with staff, customers and the public.
  • We communicate openly, clearly and understandably.
  • We take care to be trustworthy in appearance and understandable in writing and speech.

Fairness and tolerance are a matter of course for us

  • We treat our competitors fairly and expect the same from them.
  • We observe the laws, traditions and customs of the people we work with and countries in which we operate.
  • We distance ourselves from any kind of discrimination.
  • We behave as we would like to be treated.

Integrity is vital

  • We know that the value of our company is not defined solely by economic factors.
  • A good reputation and especially credibility are also valuable. This requires trustworthiness and transparency.
  • We work hard with commitment and perseverance and always in line with laws and regulations.
  • We place great value on absolute integrity.

We are committed and reliable

  • Success is a matter of trust.
  • We deserve the trust of our customers and partners through our commitments in what we say and do.
  • Our customers and partners can rely on us.