Safe, won’t burn, Class A Fire Rating

Benefits at a glance...

  • Safe--Silicate paints are completely incombustible and will not burn
  • Reduces fire damage to the substrate
  • Gives off no toxic fumes
  • ASTM testing confirms that silicate finishes do not ignite by ASTM E 1354
  • NFPA 101 Class A rating under ASTM E 84

KEIM Silicate finishes, are completely inert and when exposed to flame will not ignite. If there is a fire, mineral finishes ensure maximum safety and contribute no fuel, smoke or noxious fumes while helping to minimize fire damage to painted surfaces. Latex and acrylic or silicone emulsion paints can ignite and contribute both fuel and toxic fumes in the presence of a fire.

ASTM testing confirms that KEIM silicate finishes do not ignite under ASTM E 1354 and achieve an NFPA 101 Class A fire rating under ASTM E 84.

Silicate stains, paints and finishes are ideal for all public areas and provide a durable and cleanable finish with a longest lasting service life, all with a Class A fire rating.

See a video demonstration of the surface burning characteristics of ordinary latex paint and Keim mineral silicate paint below.



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