Mineral paints and stains penetrate concrete and form permanent, chemical bonds within creating an ingenious adhesion that won't ever peel for extraordinary life.




Mineral silicate paints actually penetrate new and aged concrete and form permanent chemical bonds with the minerals inside the concrete. This process is known as “petrification” and describes the fact that the paint literally becomes part of the concrete surface.

The image at left shows how the mineral silicate anchors pigment on the surface but also penetrates within the masonry/concrete. This is the area where chemical bonds are developed and these bonds are among the strongest in nature. For this reason, Keim Concretal paints and stains can never peel from concrete and become an integral part of the building envelope or concrete surface.


Concretal paints and stains are expressly formulated with silica sol mineral silicate binder for extended life and performance on all types of new and aged concrete surfaces.





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